What You Said

What You Said

Great to have someone to call, talk to and ask advice as have felt very isolated dealing with my son’s long term health problems. Wish I had known about Carers Trust months ago.

Someone who used our Peterborough Carers Centre

I have been caring for my mum who has multiple sclerosis since I can remember. I do a lot of her day-to-day personal care, which helps free my dad up to look after the house and my two younger sisters. My young carers group has helped me to regain some of my confidence that I lost due to being bullied at school and has helped me to cope with my caring situation at home. I know that when I have a problem, no matter how big or small it is, I can contact the young carers office who will talk to me about whatever is upsetting/affecting me. Over the last year, I have been part of the Time to be Heard steering group which is helping to campaign and raise the profile of young adult carers like me, in the media. This is an opportunity that I would not have had if it wasn’t for The Co-operative. Thank you for all your support, your fundraising is helping to keep young carer groups like mine running. Without support like yours we wouldn’t be getting the help we need.

Kylie, 17 / young adult carer and member of the Time to be Heard steering group

This service keeps you sane, and gives me a welcome break for a few hours. All of the ladies couldn’t be nicer.

Main service client

Thank goodness for Pauline, my parents look forward to her visit and I’m so grateful for the break from a very hectic routine; she is our ‘Wednesday two hour angel.

Main service user

It’s helping me to cope at this time of deterioration to my health.

Family Carer Prescription client

I have been attending the Day Club over four years and I love it and also the people who look after me and it makes a nice break for my husband.

Day Club attendee

If I didn’t have this help I wouldn’t be able to cope with my life I have two other children and they wouldn’t have any time with me as I have to watch over the youngest constantly. Today I had three hours respite provided by you and I took my young son into town, had lunch together and took him to the toy shop and it meant the world to him and me.

Mother of child with care needs

The staff are really supportive and there is always someone to talk to.

Young Carers group attendee

I used my break to catch up on some gardening. The freedom I felt when out in the open air, knowing my husband was being taken care of, was wonderful.

Family Carer Prescription client

I am glad to give my wife a break, I was getting on her nerves.

Carers Group attendee

I work at the Leisure Centre where they hold a Carers Group.  I went along and I realised that I am a carer.

Carers Group attendee

My daughter 10 has never been on a bike. I have a lump in my throat watching this experience. Thanks to you guys for this experience.

Family Carers picnic attendee

When I go out I never worry as I know my husband is in good care.

Care client

The best things are knowing there is always someone at the end of the phone for help & support. I’ve had such wonderful people who have helped my husband & myself. Thank you each and everyone for your kindness.


What I value most is just the knowledge that there is someone I can talk to, ask for help and guidance.

Adult Support phone client

It was very touching when someone actually cared about me – recognised that I have an incredibly hard life, and the demands placed on me means my wellbeing goes to the bottom of the pile. I don’t want a medal for being a carer, I love my daughter more than words could ever say – but just for someone to see me & hear me made a difference.

Carer using a Family Carers Prescription

What I particularly value is your staff giving my relative added stimulus and a more diverse life as their dementia continues to progress.

Family member of care client

I appreciate knowing that after one telephone call something happens, as you are speaking to a person not automatic voice. Everyone is pleasant & helpful. The staff can manage a variety of topics.

Adult Support client

What I value most is being able to go to work knowing someone will call each day to help my mother on a personal level and inform me if a problem has arisen

Care client

The care workers have all been very capable and flexible. They are very caring individuals.

Cared for

I appreciate the respite and being able to keep doctors’ appointments for myself

Carer using a FCP

Before the support from STRIVE, I felt so lost and alone. Battling with Anxiety and Depression myself as well as caring for a loved one at the same time proved to be really hard. Since getting the support from STRIVE, I have made dramatic progress in a short space of time! Through the support on offer I went and saw my GP and got help. Knowing that someone is always there to listen and not judge me really took me to a brighter place and now I’m holding a full-time job and I can leave the house without the fear of being judged or attacked for being me. I am #proudtobe a young carer! Thank you Carers Trust Cambridgeshire for ALL the support over the last year, you have changed my life!

Young Adult Carer, 19

It makes me so happy to hear we have gained the GOLD award for supporting young carers at Hampton College. The school works hard as a team to make sure young carers are identified and are supported, making sure they achieve their potential. Through working with Carers Trust CPN and using the School’s Award Scheme we have been able to improve our support and recognise more young carers within the school. The GOLD award has also allowed us to share our good practise and help other schools achieve the award!

Mrs Johnson, School Lead

I appreciate the respite and being able to keep doctors’ appointments for myself.

Family Carers’ Prescription user

I appreciate knowing that after one telephone call something happens, as you are speaking to a person not an automatic voice. Everyone is pleasant & helpful. The staff can manage a variety of topics.

Adult Support client

My Dad needed me and I cared! No hesitation!

Some days it was so so hard, most days it was a pleasure.

Having been an adult carer I can relate to some of what the young carers are doing and the emotional roller coaster they ride. Our stories may not be exactly the same but the emotional outcome is not dissimilar.

As an adult I was able to own the taking of some respite, these children can’t. This is why STEP Young Carers is so important, essential and beneficial.

If I can help provide a small part of that respite by sharing my crafting hobby then that’s the least I can do.

Each month I get to know the children more and more. I feel as though a mutual familiarity and trust is forming between us. I like how they put so much into the crafts; they are inspirational and ‘Wow’ me so often.

If they can ‘make and take’ something that helps them smile then that makes me smile too!

Young Carers Group Volunteer

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