Cash Quest 2017

Cash Quest 2017

What is Cash Quest?

It is a competition for teams from businesses, schools and groups, even individuals, that will raise money to support Young Carers in the region.

Each team will be given £50 donated by sponsors and the idea is to use that as a starting point to turn it into as much money as you can. It would be great if that were at least £500 but there is no minimum target except to make sure that you can return the £50 in the end.

During Cash Quest for Young Carers, you can hold one large event or several small ones.  It’s up to you to be as innovative and creative as you can to raise the most money.

Cash Quest for Young Carers will run from 13 June until 5 September 2017.  The event will end with an Awards Ceremony on 21 September 2017 at 3pm at The Corn Exchange, St Ives.  Awards will be presented to the winning teams in these categories:

  • Most Money Raised by a team of under 25 year olds
  • Most Money Raised by a team of any ages
  • Most Innovative Idea
  • Outstanding Teamwork.

Who will it help?

It will help Young Carers in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk. They do an amazing job looking after parents, brothers or sisters. It can be tough. It takes time. It can be stressful. You will be helping us provide them with more support, trips and groups. This gives them a break, it gives them someone else to listen to their worries.

“The Young Carers team have been our rock over the last year.  While we all look after our daughters, they look after us.”

We currently support over 500 Young Carers across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk.  The majority of this work is carried out through charitable funding.  We want to be able to make a difference to the lives of more Young Carers and make a bigger impact for those we support already.  Cash Quest for Young Carers will allow us to do this.

Why support Young Carers?

The support we provide to Ellie, a local Young Carer, has been fundamental since her older brother was injured in a football match which has left him with a head injury.  Ellie’s mum said “Young Carers have been an absolute asset for Ellie giving her time away from the situation, doing fun things and meeting people who are in similar situations.”

Read about Ellie and her family.

Did you know?

  • Young Carers are 4 times as likely to be bullied at school
  •  2 in every classroom have a caring responsibility
  •  Young Carers have a significantly lower educational attainment at GCSE
  •  In Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk there are a known 15,000 Young Carers but there are many more that are “hidden” and do not receive any support
  •  Almost half of Young Carers/Young Adult Carers have experienced a mental health problem.

How to enter

Get started in 5 easy steps

Step 1
Spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues.

Step 2
Get a team together.

Step 3
Complete the Online Team Entry Form.
If you would like to attend the official launch event on Tuesday 13 June at C3, Cambridge, please ensure you complete the form by 31 May 2017.

Step 4
Collect your £50 and start the challenge to raise as much money for Young Carers as you can. The challenge starts on 13 June but you can still enter the competition any time after this date up to 5 September.

Step 5
Challenge ends 5 September 2017. Collect the funds and submit your return.  Why not use BT MyDonate to make your job easier.


Download the Cash Quest flyer – please help us promote the challenge.