Projects and Initiatives

Our young people are given the opportunity to take part of in both local and national projects.

Here are some of the projects we are currently involved in:

Young Carers in Schools – this programme is an exciting initiative that aims to make it as easy as possible for schools to support Young Carers and awards good practice.

Intergenerational Project – young carers are going into local residential care homes to provide friendship and joint activities with the residents.

Cyber-bullying – Members of the Norfolk Young Carers Forum have been working with The Royal Foundation Task-force on the Prevention of Cyber-bullying. This has involved them working with young people across the country as well as industry and child protection experts to create a campaign aimed to reduce the impact of cyber-bullying.

Young Carers Festival – A group of our young carers helped to plan the biggest young carers festival in the world. This annual event takes place at YMCA Fairthorne Manor. They helped to open the festival and took part in a variety of opportunities, including interviewing the Children’s Commissioner for England and the Chief Nurse for Children and Families from Public Health England for the official festival film.

Think Young Carers – this is a local initiative to spread awareness of young carers. Asking schools, businesses to #ThinkYoungCarer. This involved creating a video A day in the life of a young carer. This project was kindly funded by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

14-16 Transition Plans – is a locally funded project allowing us to support young carers between 14 and 16 years to develop goals for what they want to achieve, whether that be progressing to sixth form, apprenticeships, college, etc.

Moving On Up is a staff training and awareness package for colleges, sixth form centres and universities in Cambridgeshire. Young Adult Carers have contributed to the development of this package, thanks to funding from ‘Think Big’.

Hidden: England’s Invisible Young Carers is a photo exhibition features portraits and stories of 24 young carers from across England, including two young carers that we support in Peterborough.

The portraits were captured by award-winning photographer and former young carer Max Alexander. The exhibition launched in London by Jade Ewen and Dick & Dom in February 2015, and is currently on a tour across England. The exhibition #Hidden2016 has already visited Peterborough and Cambridge.

NHS England – we work in partnership with NHS England on a variety of projects.